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Many couples wonder what does it feel like or look like to come for a marriage and family therapy? It can be scary to make that first step.

Many couples are also relieved to learn after the first session, how safe, comfortable and engaging the Emotionally Focused Therapy feels. The most important part of the therapy is that each partner feels validated and assured that they are important and their views, feelings and needs are true, real and valuable.



Here is a brief description of the process and the time frame:

Sessions 1-2: Introduction, this is where your therapist learns your interaction patterns and distress triggers that initiate flair-ups, fights and disconnections.

Sessions 3-4: Individual sessions. One session for each partner. This is the time to go a bit deeper and share with your therapist your relationships history, your family history and any relationship discourse that occurred during your lifetime.

Sessions 5-20: Emotionally Focused Therapy process. This is where you and your therapist  walk together from the place of frustration, anger and isolation to the place of understanding, fulfillment, re-connection, love and satisfaction.

Additional sessions may be scheduled as needed. The length of the treatment may vary significantly based on your relationship history, sessions attendance, willingness to participate in the process and other factors that your therapist will discuss with you during your first session.