Jack Gershfeld

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

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If you have difficulties in your relationship, now is the time to restore and to heal it. Whether it is your spouse, partner, friend, adult child, or parent, make the first step toward closeness, understanding, and connection.

Join me as we will journey together from frustration, isolation, and despair to love, care, and safety utilizing the evidence-based Emotionally Focused Therapy process for relationship distress recovery.

Don’t spend another day wondering if your relationship can be better. Yes, it can! You can be happier, feel safe, and connected to the person you love. If you are looking for a warm, caring, and engaged therapist, you came to the right place. Be heard, be understood, and be safe as I help you navigate a challenging world of relationships, love, support, and care. Your wellbeing is of utmost importance to me.

Jack attended Pepperdine and California State University. Jack’s work is devoted to couples, individual therapy, and therapy. He keeps his clinical skills enhanced by teaching at Pepperdine University and “Hold Me Tight” couples workshops.