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Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

This workshop is based on the book ‘Hold Me Tight’ – Seven conversations for a Lifetime of Love and core concepts of one of the most successful models of couple’s therapy (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) by Dr. Sue Johnson.

Is this Hold Me Tight Workshop for you?

  • Would you like a closer relationship to your partner?
  • Do you sometimes get stuck in old repetitive argument patterns?
  • Would you like to strengthen the bond between you? Repair an old hurt?
  • Do you want to deepen your sense of emotional safety and connection?

This program guides partners to become more attuned, trusting, and open with each other and to more easily handle day-to-day stress and conflict. Based on the book Hold Me Tight, by Dr. Susan Johnson, we will discuss key relationship concepts, watch demonstrative videos clips, and do guided conversations designed to strengthen and deepen a couple’s emotional connection. All experiential exercises take place between partners to maintain personal privacy and provide safety.

Everyone is welcome.  Call or text for additional information.



Hold Me Tight workshop gave me hope that my relationship can be better. It was clearly presented, thoughtful and safe for both me and my partner. We loved it.


What a wonderful seminar. Everyone is very attentive and helpful. The information was invaluable! We loved it.


I wish I knew this when we just got married, my life would be so much easier. We can finally understand each other and help each other when we are stressed.


My partner and I have realized what we were missing. It was such a relief to learn that our relationship can be safe, secure and caring. Thank you for helping us to reconnect.